Santorini, Mykonos …

Santorini, Mykonos are great places to travel to in Greece.

London recently reported 31+ million visitors on 3.200sq london metro km! can they take 50 million – NO

New York reported 50+ million on 784 sq km (inner city)! can N.Y take 80 million – NO


Santorini is an 90 Sq. KM island- everywhere is a limit –
SO, why not explore other islands? There are so many wonderful place to go in Greece.
Paro, Naxos, Rhodos, Zante … You want to enjoy on your precious holidays. Why spend your valuable vacation days in over-crowded places.

YES, these are MUST – GO places. M.D.C. Travel will help you to combine it all.

Luxury is found everywhere. visit inbound travel agency for Greece and they will council you for FREE.

Greece is a splendid destination – M.D.C, Travel inbound tourism company will get you the best solution for you, to explore and experience GREECE.

for your incentive need, your company meeting and M.I.C.E. , MDC has it’s own sub-company to serve you.


See you in Greece !



About travel2greece

We are MDC Travel in Athens, Greece. MDC is a DMC specialized in inbound / incoming travel to Greece. We are devoted to offer the most professional travel service.
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